First workshops/panels of the 2013-2014 year :’)

As one of the new MD&E chairs, it was great to see the first workshops come to life. I can’t wait to see more workshops take off :) 

As the immediate-past Single Service chair, I was really proud to see my successors host a workshop about the new District Service Initiative. I’m excited to see what Todd and Gurmeet do this year. My Single Service Babiez <3

As a Nana Family Big and a returning Big for next year, I was excited to UCI’s new Member Recognition Program Chair (and my awesome co-big for this year), Crystal, begin her amazing year with her panel. 

As Crystal and Todd’s “mom”, I’m super excited to work with my littles and watch them grow as board members. 

I’m sad that the 2012-2013 term is ending but I’m excited to watch the 2013-2014 term blossom. 

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